23-11-2012 – Fool’s Overture – Roger Hodgson

Passend zur Gruppe „Fool on the Hill“

Intro 😉

{If you wander the end
We will fight on the sea and the earth
We will shall defend our own
Whatever they come, maybe
We will never surrender}

History recalls how great the fall can be
While everybody’s sleeping, the boats put out to sea
Borne on the wings of time
It seemed the answers were so easy to find
„To late,“ the prophets cry
The island’s sinking, let’s take to the sky
Called the man a fool, striped him of his pride
Everyone was laughing up until the day he died
And though the wound went deep
Was still he’s calling us out of our sleep
My friends, we’re not alone
He waits in silence to lead us all home

So tell me that you find it hard to grow
Well I know, I know, I know

And you tell me that you’ve many seeds to sow
Well I know, I know, I know

Chor 😉

Can you hear what I’m saying?

Can yuu see the parts that I’m playing?

„Holy Man, Rocker Man, Come on Queenie,
Joker Man, Spider Man, Blue Eyed Meanie“
So you found your solution
What will be your last contribution?
„Live it up, rip it up, why so lazy?

Give it out, dish it out, let’s go crazy,


Über Kummertempel

Was man nicht alles selber tut, es bleibt einfach ungetan.
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